Startup Valley

Nepal’s largest startup exhibit.

Given the constraints of resources that startups operate with, it is very difficult for them to introduce new products, market them, and build a brand. Startup Valley is the showcasing platform that provides startups with access to a network of influencers, early adopters, and best of media coverage.

Increase your brand’s market awareness.

Wanted a platform to showcase your product and services to other founders, investors, potential customers, startup enthusiasts, media and the community? We will not only give you a stall, ample exposure opportunities and a good number of guiding investors and mentors, but also a photo booth! We understand how important it is to update conference pictures on your social media feed and make that other entrepreneur friend of yours totally jealous! You bet, with good angled pictures in Startup Valley, they WILL be jealous!

Kickstart Hill

They say every dog has its day. Likewise every entrepreneur has their stage moment too, the one which can change and accelerate their businesses to new heights. We at NEXT Growth Conclave provide you with that “moment”. The audience is filled with growth hungry investors and product-savvy customers who are looking to hear great ideas and product deliveries. If you can impress well, you might be the next big talk in town, and abroad!

    The purchase of a Startup Valley ticket entitles you to:

  • Designated exhibition space at Startup Valley
  • Three tickets for Next Growth Conclave 2018
  • Three additional tickets on discount
  • Privileged access to our Investor Lounge, Media Lounge and Venture Blend
  • Pitch/presentation guidance and closed group discussion
  • Exclusive opportunity to launch your business at Kickstart Hill (Limited slots based on rolling and need basis)
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Access to participation kit and merchandise
  • Augmented reality representation of your booth
  • Follow-up meetings and update check-ups after NGC
  • Networking sessions with keynote international speakers
  • Internet access throughout the day
  • Branding flags for your startup booth

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Growth Conclave
Unlock the true potential of your business. Explore.
Investor Lounge
Explore the possibilities of a profitable partnership. Explore.
Media Lounge
A bit of publicity can go a long way. Explore.
Venture Blend
Networking made incredibly fun. Explore.

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